ChiS&E was honored to have Dr.Timothy L. Killeen, incoming president of the University of Illinois, deliver the keynote address at the Spring 2015 Parent Orientation and Registration at the University of Illinois-Chicago. First addressing the parents, he spoke about the importance of starting early and staying engaged, as well as pragmatic reasons for educating young people.  Showing a graph that illustrated income based on education, he talked about the importance of financial stability and the power of STEM education to create economic revitalization.  “This is exactly the right way to start,” he said.  “It creates the human capital that the world, and certainly the United States is going to need in the decades to come.”

In addressing the students, he stressed how much fun science can be, pointing out the benefits of being able to figure things out, understand how stuff works, problem solve, and give back to the community.  “The world needs you to contribute in these technical, scientific, and advanced fields,” he said,adding that students of color bring a much-needed diversity.  “We need you to enrich the whole society because without you, we will be diminished.” He concluded his remarks to rousing applause by encouraging parents and students to start early and never give up.

“I think ChiS&E is a magnificent program … a brilliant program.” – Dr. Timothy Killeen, president, University of Illinois

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