• To raise community awareness about the importance of student success in science and mathematics

• To illuminate pathways to careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professions

• To inspire passion for science and math through hands-on activities that make engineering come alive

• To equip parents to provide supportive STEM-related learning experiences for their children

• To highlight professional role models within the African American and Latino engineering community


1. Provide hands-on, activity-based instruction in science and engineering to parents and students in Grades K-3 2. Create and inspire in both student and parent a quest for math, science and technology education and experiences beyond the K-3 grade levels

3. Expose parents and students to science and engineering facilities in their communities via field trips and instructional classes in these locations

4. Provide parents and students opportunities to meet African American, Latino, and other scientists and engineers

5. Involve parents in cyber learning through communication technology that connects them with one another, with classroom teachers, and with their families and communities

6. Provide teacher training for elementary school teachers who will teach the K-3 pre-engineering curriculum to parents and students

7. Provide a family support system for parents that will include information on health, educational opportunities, child psychology, and assistance in working with governmental agencies